Auxiliaries explained

To make the overlays more concise and neat, we have made a key for each auxiliary objective used in Age of Sigmar, post-GHB2020.

There are 18 auxiliaries and you can see them all in the image above, alongside their respective icons. Here is what each auxiliary is and how you achieve them:

Vengeful Counter

Destroy an enemy unit in the same turn that a friendly unit is destroyed.


Kill all the enemy’s Leaders.


Destroy 3 or more enemy units in one turn.


When revealed pick an objective and control it for 2 consecutive battle rounds.

Mass Panic

2 or more enemy units fail a battleshock in one turn.

The Aggressor

Control all of the objectives in your opponent’s territory.


No enemy units in your territory at the end of the battle.

Prized possession

When revealed pick a friendly hero with an Artefact and keep them alive until the end of the battle.

Marked for Death

When revealed select an enemy unit that isn’t a hero. Kill it.


Get 2 or more units within 3″ of the same enemy hero at the end of a turn.

Seize Ground

When revealed pick a terrain feature not in your territory, get one or more friendly units within 3″ by the end of the fourth battle round.

Prey on the Weak

Kill all your opponent’s Battleline units (that they started the game with).

with yours.


At the end of the battle you have more units in your opponent’s territory than they do.

The Bait

Pick a friendly unit when revealed. Get it killed before the third battle round (this is hilarious).


Kill an enemy hero with a melee attack from a Battleline unit.


When revealed pick a terrain feature in your enemy’s territory. Get a friendly unit with a wounds characteristic of 5 or more within 3″ at the end of a round. You can’t do this by teleporting a unit.


When revealed, pick an enemy hero and a friendly hero. Kill the enemy


Pick an enemy hero when revealed. Kill it

So keep your eyes on those icons and keep track of who is acheiveing what objectives.