The Ban Phase Explained for Age of Sigmar

All of you are very excited and have taken the heart of what the ban phase is meant to be really really well. Thanks so much for that. We want it to add list diversity and tactical depth to the match-ups but we have also thought how it might impact peoples collections and what they want to play do there are restrictions.

This is lifted from the pack as written so far but if you do have any questions, there will be a live Q&A Friday 10th July 4pm BST on

From the pack

The Ban Phase will happen on the Monday with games occuring on the Saturday where regionally relevant.

The ban phase consists of each team banning 5 units from being eligible to be chosen at army list submission for a total of 10 that apply to each team. Bans alternate between teams with the team with the youngest player getting to choose first. Rules for the ban phase are:

Once a faction has a unit banned from it no other unit may be banned from that faction. 

For example Team 1 chooses to ban the Bastiladon warscroll. No one can choose them at army selection and Seraphon can suffer no more band from either team. Please look at the FAQ for other clarifications and examples.

No battleline units maybe banned but battleline if are ok i.e

You cannot ban Bloodletters from a Blades of Khorne army but you can ban Juggernauts of Khorne. 

You cannot ban Battalions or endless spells

These bans are only in place and only affect that matchup between those two teams. 

How does this apply to Cities of Sigmar?

Banning a unit from Stormcast, Sylvaneth or Kharadron overlords does not apply to Cities of Sigmar and only to that unit’s home Battletome. 

So, if Team A Bans a Lord Celestant on Stardrake that means no other units from the Stormcast Eternals can be banned but a unit from Cities of Sigmar can be. Effectively the rule is the home Battletome of a unit is the place it’s banned from.

In the case of Legions of Chaos Ascendant, Flamers of Tzeentch, Plague drones, Fiends of Slaanesh and Bloodcrushers could all be banned as the home of those units is not the Legion of Chaos Ascendant Book

Slaves to darkness units are Banned from the Slaves to Darkness Battletome and not from any marked gods books.

Thats it so far but any questions then get them ready for the Q&A or fire them to our socials. Big love

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