Bans and meta gaming

Lets talk about BANS!

Oh boy, a can of worms and I’m sure to some, a nightmare come true. The ban phase is one of the most exciting elements of the super series to us because it helps deal with a problem that we wish wasn’t a problem and also gives us added tactical layering to a game. Lets break this apart.

The Problem

Oh the problem if it even really exists is this. Sometimes some stuff is just too good, not always and normally rarely but it can and is an issue and importantly can define the competitive meta for months sometimes. This in itself isn’t bad, often games exist between hyper efficient choices but it does have some knock on effects If we allowed teams and players to just bring the 4 factions they wanted, there would be some difference but we feel it will be the 4 strongest factions/units in the game. While that is interesting to some degree for an audience because we can see multiple repetitions of armies played by different people and different missions, we don’t feel it outweighs the negative of not exploring all available builds. 

What is interesting and something we all love is list writing. List writing is a specific skill and people in different communities are famous for it. Some lists just jump out of books or are built around certain units, some are honed over the course of weeks into the most cutting edge version they can be. Some lists are skew and designed to engage a problem in the meta or work well in a team format. What though if we take away your key unit? What if a meta exists without key units that you think define the meta? This is where the bans come in.

Bans are designed to add a layer of complexity and drama to the game. A deep tactical challenge to recreate the meta as you see fit but also sharing that space with an opposing team who are looking to do the same. Then innovatively design armies in a short space of time to face the challenge of a lifetime in a Super Series Match. Imagine banning the best shooting unit in the game or a key support hero that just adds so much value. Then imagine a player turns up with a list we never expect due to limitations and it rocks the event. 

This is such an exciting new twist to add on design before armies appear in the tournament and is even more thrilling when we see teams turn up in later brackets and can reference what they previously banned and ran. We can’t wait to see how it plays out.

There are so many ways to develop this idea in the future. Have no restrictions on bans? Make people lock into armies ahead of time and still face bans, give a universal ban out the audience? Our developer chats will be exciting shows that will be live and available in certain ways for you to hear what the plans are and to show transparency. 

What do you think? We would love to hear your thoughts! 

Have a great day! 

The tSN Team