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Postponement Announcement

Well this is a rubbish day,  First off we would like to thank everyone who supported the start of Super Series Genesis. Everyone who tuned in, joined Patreon, subbed or gave us a shout out. We didn’t expect quite how much you folks would enjoy it and we would just love to say a massive… Read more »


We have been blown away by the response from everyone about the Super Series this week. People wanting to form teams or organize Super Series in their country or region. Also a group of you have already jumped into our Patreon and the founders pack which we appreciate so much and its exciting that you… Read more »

Rounds and Pairings Explained

Let’s talk about rounds and pairings!! There are two really exciting additions to the live coverage for the Super Series that we think will make for thrilling entertainment and also add a level of tactical challenge that players will enjoy. Rounds Super Series matches will be held over one day,  between two teams, over three… Read more »

Teams Explained

Team wargaming is in our opinion the best version of what gaming can be. It adds a level complexity to army list building and forces players to think strategy at team inception. Its also fun. The teams have the emotional support of team mates and the result of each game played isn’t a judgement on… Read more »

The Ban Phase Explained for Age of Sigmar

All of you are very excited and have taken the heart of what the ban phase is meant to be really really well. Thanks so much for that. We want it to add list diversity and tactical depth to the match-ups but we have also thought how it might impact peoples collections and what they… Read more »

Bans and meta gaming

Lets talk about BANS! Oh boy, a can of worms and I’m sure to some, a nightmare come true. The ban phase is one of the most exciting elements of the super series to us because it helps deal with a problem that we wish wasn’t a problem and also gives us added tactical layering… Read more »

Terrain and Wargaming

Let’s talk about terrain! As we have seen in the 9th edition of Warhammer 40,000, Games workshop have started to take terrain seriously. They have added keywords for terrain and more clearly indicated the rules that it will have and how armies will interact with them. This was and is really needed, in 40k Age… Read more »

tSports Network is go!

We’re proud to finally present the new website for the tSports Network. It’s designed to serve as a hub for all of our coverage and you’ll be able to find On Demand content and event reviews and results. We are particularly happy to introduce the Super Series, our new tournament system that we’ve been working… Read more »